Autumns in the air and in the kitchen

I love autumn it’s my favourite time of the year!

Leaves are falling everywhere, the temperature turns slightly cooler and there’s the wonderful smell of coal fires in the air.

Autumn also is a wonderful time of year for baking as comfort food takes over lighter meals and a nice sweet treat is always loved in front of the TV with a warm mug of your favourite drink!

There is also an abundance of fruits which always makes a great start to baking. With this is mind I thought I would create a beautiful moist cake with the addition of some delicious cooking apples and a hint of almond.

In terms of prettiness I admit it is not a piece of art but what it lacks in sight it overcompensates for in flavour! Autumn is here so fire up your oven and bake a little comforting delight!




Ok so our name is “Our Little Secret” but that doesn’t mean everything has to be a secret. In fact there’s something’s we’d love to shout about, and one of those things is who we are and what we do!

Our Little Secret is a business specialising in bespoke boxes which have been put together with everything you need to produce a fabulous home treat!

Why can’t baking be for the masses, it’s fun yet rewarding, therapeutic yet challenging but most of all who doesn’t love the fact that the Fisher Price kitchen we used to have when we were kids is now twice as big and has actual power!!

Through the blog we’ll be bringing you up to date information about the business and how we’re getting along. We’ll also be bringing you hints and tips and some recipes to tempt your taste buds. So aprons at the ready everyone lets mix…